Spacious Home Additions From Willowridge Builders Inc

Is your Ada Township home feeling cramped? Do wish you had an extra area for guests? Have you ever wondered what it might be like to have a second story? If so, there’s a good chance you need a home addition from Willowridge Builders Inc.

With years of experience and hundreds of jobs behind us, we’ve become the go-to choice for all construction services in Ada Township. And home additions are one of our favorite construction projects! They require a huge coordinated effort, but the results are worth it every time. Whether it’s a second story, a sunroom, or otherwise, we’re your number one choice for home additions in the region.

Why Build a Home Addition?

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting a home addition. For some, starting a family means they need more room. Others want an extra space devoted to leisure. Or you may have purchased a small home for a great price and have found that it’s cheaper to just add on to it.

Whatever the reason, it always comes down to space. Do you have enough space in your Ada Township home?

Build Up or Build Out

When it comes to home additions you have two options: build up or build out. What does that mean?

You can either build a second story on top of your home or add a new room onto the side of your home. Each type has their own complications and their own advantages.

Second Floor Addition

If you decide to build up, you’re going to be adding another floor to your home. The complexity of such a construction project should be obvious. It’s hardly necessary to say it’s not a DIY job. It requires professional knowledge of architecture, engineering, construction, residential planning, and general contracting.

Either part of the roof or the whole roof will have to be removed. This has serious structural effects for the building. A certified home inspector will have to assess the foundation to ensure that it can handle the added weight. Our qualified engineers will plan it to protect the underlying structure. It’s also necessary to think about expanding the plumbing and electrical systems.

Thankfully Willowridge Builders Inc will take care of everything! From beginning to end, we handle all the details—big and small. That’s the advantage of hiring a general contractor for your Ada Township home addition. We do all the hard work for you!

A New Room

If you decide you want to build out, you’ll be adding a structure onto the side of your home. The most obvious advantage of this type of home addition is not dealing with the roof. Tearing down or opening walls do have their own complications though. And since you’ll want qualified experts doing the design, engineering, and construction, there’s no question that you should contact us for the job.

Many Ada Township residents build out their homes to add sunrooms. This allows them to enjoy the weather even when it gets uncomfortably chilly. Lake Michigan’s crisp fall wind is no match for a sunroom! Others want living rooms, guest rooms and more—the possibilities are endless.

The freedom to customize and expand your home with Willowridge Builders Inc is just a phone call away!