Professional Finish Carpentry in Grand Rapids

Once the construction is done in a home building or remodeling project, it’s time to add the finishing touches. This is the beautification of your home, where the details come together and where the tiniest changes make all the difference. At Willowridge Builders Inc, finish carpentry is one of our favorite parts of every construction project.

One of the advantages of hiring a general contractor like Willowridge Builders Inc, is that we don’t need to hire a sub-contractor to do the finishing work. That means you’ll have a lot of control over the details. Our collaborative process means that you’ll be involved and kept up to date on every decision. After all, it’s the details that will turn your house into a home. Your input is not just important, it’s our priority!

What is Finish Carpentry?

Finish carpentry is the last part of every construction project. It’s the stage when the baseboards are installed along the bottom of the walls and the crown moldings along the top. It’s stage when window ledges will be added, and where the finishing trim will be installed around the doorways. It’s the stage when esthetics matter most. Because of this, it takes the work of a true craftsman to be done right.

Professional finishing carpenters will often take on the artistic role as well. Whereas a regular carpenter might be tasked with building a set of stairs, the finish carpenter will carve the wooden banister. And where a carpenter put together the walls of a house, a finishing carpenter will build and install custom shelving right into the walls.

Is Finish Carpentry Expensive?

At Willowridge Builders Inc, we know that finish carpentry can be expensive. It’s a professional trade that takes many years to master. We believe in paying our craftsmen fairly. That way the job is done properly, and everyone goes home happy. It’s a strategy that has helped us build a reputation for excellence in Grand Rapids and across the state.

That being said, we also believe in affordable prices for our services. One of the ways we do this is by doing a detailed consultation before every project. We’ll work together to come up with a budget that works for you. That will allow us to write up an itemized list of every job included in the contract and every product that will go into the project.

The Finish Carpentry Contractor You Can Trust

One of the rules that has helped us thrive in and around Grand Rapids is a policy of transparency. We think it’s important that there are no surprise charges or hidden fees thrown in at the end. As professional finish carpenters and general contractors, we know that a job well done is never just about the work. It’s also about the way the work is handled. Willowridge Builders Inc’s mandate is to handle your budget with the same care as the gorgeous crown moldings we’re installing in your living room.

If you’re working on a remodeling or construction project that needs finish carpentry, call us today! We’re happy to chat about your plans.